The Health Care Problem

Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries spend healthcare dollars disproportionately. Generally, the high risk population of 5% uses 50% of the CMS budget. CarePointe supports the ability to control costs and quality in a systematic fashion in any size market.

Supporting an Ecosystem Around Sharing Risk.

CarePointe manage Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries using our technology-enabled care systems to help reduce: expensive hospitalizations; moving the patient into the right level of care setting; and allowing more seniors to age in their home setting.

For the past 7 years, CMS has been transitioning the way it pays providers from fee for service to value based payments.

To help in this transition, CMS created the ACO model’s (accountable care organizations) while other commercial health plans are following their lead.

The Nevada Primary Care Network

CarePointe has partnered with NPCN to provide ACO Care Management, IT and Administrative Services.

  • Provider group for Silver State ACO serving 42,000 attributed Medicare beneficiaries in 2018.
  • Over 400 Physicians
  • More than 500M in Medicare Spend (Achieve Savings - past 2 years)
  • NPCN also serves approximately 80,000 other (unattributed) Medicare Patients.