The Benefits of Carepointe’s Proprietary Software

Remote Patient Monitoring has proven to be an effective way to bridge the gap between patients and physicians throughout an era of mandatory social distancing. It has proven to be so effective that the industry is poised to hit a $645 million market cap by 2025.  However, with this phenomenal industry growth comes the need […]

Industry Trend of Increased At-Home Remote Monitoring

Covid-19 forced virtually every industry around the world to change the way it operated, and this included the healthcare industry. In-person physician appointments saw a dramatic decrease to prevent the risk of spreading Covid, giving way for a new method of patient care to step into the spotlight.  Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) RPM allows physicians […]

CMS Remote Patient Monitoring & improving patient outcomes

You’ve probably heard the acronym RPM, but how much do you know about Remote Patient Monitoring? RPM, like other CMS care management programs, is designed to improve patient outcomes while reducing total Medicare spend. Learn the basics of this covered service. What is RPM? Remote Patient Monitoring is the use of technology that allows patients […]

Why More Patients Are Opting For Call Center / Concierge Level Services

The rising costs of healthcare premiums and deductibles have brought with it heightened expectations from healthcare consumers. Not only is the quality of care important . . .

How RPM Creates Quality Remote Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing social distancing measures has resulted in more healthcare workers relying on remote patient monitoring (RPM) . . .

Carepointe leads the industry with Remote Care Management

Remote Care Management combines the elements of Chronic Care Management with Remote Patient Monitoring, enabling physician practices to track, record, and review patient physiologic parameters . . .

Three Healthcare Innovators Merge To Improve Virtual Care For Seniors

In July 2020, U.S. Health Systems (USHS) CarePointe and Curavi Health, — three innovators whose services have improved the quality of patient care, network performance and key financial metrics for payer clients – have merged to form Arkos Health . . .