Diabetes Management Program


Diabetes is a national epidemic that affects 34.2 million Americans.

One in ten Americans has diabetes! Finding specialty care to help manage this disease is often difficult. Wait times often extend out months for an initial endocrinology consultation. So many patients go it alone, trying to manage the disease as best
they can.

Carepointe developed the Diabetes Management Program (DMP) to partner with PCPs, facilities, and organizations to provide virtual, short-term, intensive care for patients with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes. The program is customized to meet individual patient needs for assessment, education, and support. A multi-disciplinary team led by a Board-certified endocrinologist provides coordinated care for specialty telemedicine appointments, lab work, continuous glucose monitoring, and nutritional & social-wellness education.

Partner with Carepointe to help your patients get the specialized support they need! Improve patient engagement and satisfaction, care coordination, clinical outcomes, and reduce costs by referring your patients to DMP. Help your patients suffering from uncontrolled diabetes take the first step to improved wellness.

  • Initial consultations within 2 weeks
  • Virtual platform for patients at home or on-the-go
  • Coordinated appointments for ease of scheduling
  • Medication management and nutritional education for long-term diabetes maintenance
  • Education and support for ongoing, healthy lifestyle changes

Patient engagement, turnkey service, no hidden fees.

Providers benefit from a broad range of available Medicare fee-for-service programs. Carepointe provides a platform to improve healthcare quality while maximizing Medicare reimbursement revenue. Our service is turnkey and includes no overhead costs, or upfront charges so physicians can implement our programs with no financial risk.