Why More Patients Are Opting For Call Center / Concierge Level Services


The rising costs of healthcare premiums and deductibles have brought with it heightened expectations from healthcare consumers. Not only is the quality of care important, but the experience itself is also a big focus for people who are insured. And for this reason, Carepointe has put the focus on patient satisfaction by offering concierge-level services.

How do Call Center / Concierge Level Services Work in Healthcare?

A medical call center or concierge service provides healthcare consumers with 24/7 accessibility to a live medical professional through a call center dedicated to patient support. This service has not only proven itself to be reliable, but it is also more cost-effective. This is especially beneficial in a time where businesses and incomes have been reduced across virtually all industries.

Concierge Call Centers Help to Reduce Risk of Transmission

Concierge call centers provide quick and reliable access to qualified medical professionals without having to leave their homes, thereby minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This also prevents an overload of patients in hospitals and allows for better medical attention for patients in critical condition.

Overall, Carepointe’s system of on-demand healthcare has improved patient satisfaction. At the same, it allows the medical community to provide the assistance needed while maintaining a safer work environment.