Patient Engagement

Concierge coordinators and clinicians develop a relationship from the introduction to patient and caregiver visit throughout the course of managing and monitoring patient care plan. Oversite of any changes in condition or declining trends to include monitoring through devices, human interactions and system touch points facilitate ongoing communications with patients and providers.

Keeping the patient independent from hospital is our goal, however respecting the needs and wishes of the patient is what drives proactive and responsive interventions and timely care services delivery.

Provider Engagement

From credentialing, training, communications, data sharing, reporting, to delivering patients efficiently and timely - all keep providers encouraged and engaged.

Providers require a similar level of attention as do patients. Our intention is to see they have the tools, education and opportunity to excel and provide a 24/7 concierge to assure their patients are getting the best possible care services. And we do what we say we do!

Performance Analytics

Data is centralized allowing for completely configurable reports, audits, dashboards and visualization and distribution of real-time business intelligence.

The goal is to build the data volumes and with machine learning and Artificial intelligent recognition of trends and early signs of decline, to get to the problem early.