Remote Patient Monitoring


Carepointe offers a variety of peripherals that take the guesswork out of monitoring any number of chronic and acute conditions.

Our easy-to-use devices make taking vitals simple. No need to connect to Bluetooth. Just plug in and go. Voice-prompts provide step-by-step instruction for how to set up and use the peripherals.

Our devices keep patients engaged by providing friendly reminders to take medications and record vitals. Patients can track their vitals in real-time on our patient portal or web app. No more pencil and paper tracking – patient data is available at your fingertips. Finally, patients can contact our health assistants or an emergency response team with the push of a button. Carepointe technology empowers patients to take an active role in their own health from the comfort and security of home.

Patient engagement, turnkey service, no hidden fees.

Providers benefit from a broad range of available Medicare fee-for-service programs. Carepointe provides a platform to improve healthcare quality while maximizing Medicare reimbursement revenue. Our service is turnkey and includes no overhead costs, or upfront charges so physicians can implement our programs with no financial risk.