Frequently Asked Questions

Please email your supervisor who will then make the necessary request changes via email to his/her Carepointe® contact. Changes can be made within 24 hours.

Click on “Forgot Password” on the main screen in Carepointe®. A temporary password will be immediately emailed to you.

Yes, go to “Library” in Carepointe® for a full directory of resources.

Carepointe® is a technology-enabled care coordination platform designed to help, physician practices, and health plans provide cost effective, tailored, services for their senior population. Our goals at Carepointe® are to keep seniors healthy and independent in their communities while reducing costs for health services.

CCM is a Medicare program that helps Traditional Medicare beneificiaries to save time and get the services they need without all the normal headaches and complexities of managing care alone. Eligible beneficiaries are connected with a personal health assistant who calls each month to help with things like medication refills, and scheduling appointments. Members also receive a personalized care plan to help them stay on track with
goals in between office visits.

Personal Health Assistants help members with many things related to their healthcare: assistance scheduling appointments with doctors, specialists, and referrals, assisting with medication refills, and more. This assistance frees up member’s time, ensures critical items get done, and helps members enjoy their lives as much as possible.

Generally speaking, members receive up to 20 minutes of care coordination assistance each month. A personal health assistant helps members on track to meet their goals in between visits to the doctor. Personal Health Assistants call members between 8am-5pm during the week to assist in any way possible. If a member needs to contact us, we have a team available to help.

Medicare covers most of the cost (80%) and many secondary insurances cover the remaining copay (20%). If members don’t have secondary insurance, there’s a small copay of about $8.

Enrolling is simple. Eligible beneficiaries can sign an enrollment form at participating physician offices. Carepointe® representatives may also reach out to members who visited the practice within the past 12 months to enroll them by phone.

Members can cancel anytime. Members just need to call us anytime at 855-216-1397

The Comprehensive Health Assessment is an annual exam conducted in the member’s home that describes in detail the member’s medical, physical and psychosocial condition and needs. It identifies service needs being addressed; services that have not been provided; barriers to service access; and services not adequately coordinated.

A Nurse Practitioner will be scheduled to visit you in your home. Each visit takes approximately one hour. During the visit, the nurse will take biometric measurements including height, weight, blood pressure, and other pertinent vital signs such as oxygen saturation and body mass index (BMI).

CHA’s allow for a face-to-face conversation with a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner in the comfort of the members home to ensure members are getting the care they need and answer any questions. CHA’s result in proactive discussions and recommendations towards developing a plan for staying well and is used as a guide for reference during the annual exam with the member’s Primary Care Provider. CHA’s are designed to be convenient and informative in helping the member and their physician develop the best care plan moving forward.