Our Patient, Provide and Payer facing management system, CarePointe Solutions, brings to market state-of-the- art soft tools to support our innovative approach to healthcare delivery for plan members.

CarePointe supports:

  • call center activities
  • care management work flows
  • event alerts
  • analytics
  • mobile provider apps
  • telemedicine
  • remote patient monitoring
  • appointment management
  • revenue cycle management (Claims)
  • HCC / RAF factoring
  • STARS adherence programs
  • a patient portal
  • a payer portal
  • mobile EMR with quality and compliance governance

Data Management and Integration

CarePointe brings an enhanced connectivity options. The cross pollination of various historical data and real-time patient data combines to deliver actionable BI through-out a truly integrated delivery system.

CarePointe aggregates and cleanses all this data in a single data platform featuring a patented MPI. Our easy to configure integration hub and workflow generator look at all the data - all the time with rules engines that create real-time problem mitigating actions.

Stratification and Capture

Identifying the risk or needs using predictive modeling algorithms or through an episodic referral, physician order or change in condition / event alert. CarePointe utilizes MCG Guidelines, risk assessments tools and clinical best practices to stratify the need or intervention to get the patient services quickly and into the right case management program.

Our Intake process demands a complete patient health record allowing for accountability and the ability to share up to date information with extended Care Team. Patient and providers are engaged at the Intake.

Care Coordination and Delivery

Patient services are scheduled and managed centrally through the CarePointe Solutions booking and scheduling tools. The system is designed to escalate issues if services are not delivered on time or if the patient has not been taken under care (NTUC).

A longitudinal care plan is created while interventions and goals are managed and delivered by our vertically integrated registry of providers, or our clinically integrated provider network.