Carepointe’s technology is the hardware and software that enables you to bridge the care gap with your patients.

Carepointe offers the right hardware for at-home remote monitoring and in-facility telemedicine that is supported by proprietary software and state-of-the-art call centers.

Remote Peripherals

Carepointe peripherals are simple-to-use! The devices come pre-paired to a cellular-connected care hub. No configuration is needed. The care hub delivers on-demand support from the Carepointe care team as well as emergency assistance from the emergency response team. The care hub comes equipped with an adaptable emergency response pendant that can be used in multiple configurations for easy activation so that patients can access help when they need it most.

The care hub has voice prompts that provide step-by-step instruction for setup and use with a variety of prescribed peripherals including blood pressure cuff, glucometer, pulse oximeter, thermometer, spirometer, and weight scale. Measurements are automatically transmitted to the care team for real-time monitoring and reporting. Additionally, the care hub provides regularly scheduled voice reminders to encourage patient engagement. Carepointe peripherals provide the data that physicians need to act proactively on behalf of their patients.

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The CuraviCart is a state-of-the-art telemedicine cart ideal for facilities wanting to provide the most thorough diagnostic care via a telemedicine platform. The CuraviCart benefits a wide range of facilities including those that are considered specialty hubs.

The cart itself is optimized for easy maneuvering in carpeted hallways using on-demand steer-assist technology, and includes built in cart lights, powered cart height adjustment, and 270˚ wrap-around cart handle. It meets all ergonomic workplace requirements.

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Proprietary Software

Carepointe’s proprietary software creates a configurable care system to help enhance existing care management infrastructures and improve level of care, utilization, and patient engagement gaps.

The software is a suite of tools that integrate care management for administering patient workflows, community care for delivering standardized quality and cost performance metrics, and an engagement module to improve physician network performance.

The software includes analytics that aggregate data and provide tools to help physicians visualize a wide variety of insights so they can make informed decisions for their patients. Employ Carepointe software for a comprehensive historical and prospective analysis of medical, pharmacy, lab, claims data, and more.

Carepointe software is a simple solution to meet physicians’ clinical and non-clinical needs while driving performance and improving metrics across numerous programs, workflows, and data points.

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Call Center

Carepointe® operates a state-of-the-art call center to support physician practices and scale patient touch points.

Behind Carepointe®’s service delivery is a next-generation call center staffed by an experienced healthcare team. Our call center employs the latest inbound/outbound/omni-channel cloud technologies to deliver scalable programs across a wide variety of managed care and traditional Medicare services.

The Carepointe® Call Center is an extension of your business with all activities integrated into our platform so you have real-time access to key performance indicators on your business and patient care.

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